Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old Nazi

Old Nazi. Photoshop. No pencils.


  1. Well done, I like that you can see the very defiant expression in so very few lines. I also like that shape that you framed it with.

  2. Thanks, Jody. I haven't liked inking in Photoshop, but this felt like drawing with a medium-tip marker. I don't mind the outcome a bit.
    Now I see one could draw a graphic novel in this manner. A breakthrough? We'll see...
    Tough for this Old Dog to let go of his drawing board. = )

  3. It has a set of Mike Mignola feel, but uniquely your own.
    Very nice work.

  4. Thanks, Tim. I've got Toth on the brain, and am leaning away from sharp angles, going for more natural flowing curves.

    More Nazi here:
    ...and here: