Sunday, August 26, 2012

Roy and Moss

The IT crowd! Well, Jen didn't turn out so great so I had to erase her for now. I'll try again. I'm sleepy and need to get some work done, still, which is not ideal given the circumstances. I could draw about ten more Moss's actually. He is delightful. Though, this is by no means a family show, as much as I wish it were, no swearing and what-not, I do like parts of it. :)


  1. I haven't even seen the show, and I think this is brilliant.

  2. this looks like a funny show lol... i love the look of them. great draw jody! so sorry youre sick right now.

  3. I had to frankenstien Moss as I didn't have that pose and really wanted to make his pants a lot higher. He's a great character but he's appearing in a movie with Ben Stiller. He needs to stay around a long time as I love his whole shtick :)
    Thanks, Tim and Amanda.
    I want to re do this for color. :)