Saturday, December 29, 2012


Jody's drawing a few months back got me interested in this show (The BBC's The IT Crowd). I watched all three seasons on Thursday & Friday. Too funny.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! Please tell me you loved the Countdown episode. That one was hilarious. I tried to draw Jen but she didn't come out too welll. I got impatient and decided that I'd just post the guys.

  2. I'm sure I did because I watched them all one after the other while I worked. I was laughing so hard it was difficult to draw at times. Which one was the Countdown episode?

  3. Moss has a ridiculous stint on "Countdown" and is lured by a mysterious asian man into the secret Countdown club. They have their own secret bar (no alcohol) and tons of groupies. He keeps getting hassled by some other dude which leads to Underground Countdown when Roy gets locked out on the roof of the building. He's trying to impress a former friend by making sure the guy doesn't keep thinking he's a window cleaner. It's one of the best episodes they wrote. (at least, I thought so)

    1. Oh, yeah! Countdown is the name of that word puzzle game show. "I came he to drink milk ans kick @$$, and I already finished my milk."

  4. I know I kept losing it when they would all do pratfalls. Now, I don't like when people fall down in real life, but when it's like a Chris Farley type pratfall meant for humor, it's much different than if someone is in danger of getting hurt in real life. (only because people seem to laugh when people get hurt in real life, one of my pet peeves- that people are mean enough to find this funny)