Monday, January 7, 2013

the end? =O

Hey everyone! my computer is messin' up these days and not allowing me to post any pics. So this is a temporary goodbye from the site i guess.If you still want to check out sketches i have a facebook and a tumblr account for just art..

Ill still check on here for yours! Big fan of all of you, keep up the good work!



  1. oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. We tried to figure it out. You will be sorely missed but at least we know how to find you. :)

  2. =) thanks for letting me be a part of this site! its been alot of fun. I dont know why it isnt computer IS a dinosaur. that could be it. Thanks for trying to help me!

  3. That's a shame. I'm already following you on Twitter and hence elsewhere - see you there, Manda!

  4. Well, if you want, you can always send me the files and I can post them, just like the god ole days ?