Saturday, May 18, 2013

Anchorman- A Desk on which to work!

Alright, so...I woke up earlier than I wanted to today. There's a bit to this so, bear with me. I'm staying with friends in Nashville for awhile until I find a place. They were kind enough to set up a desk, Ron's antique drafting table. The light is best in the mornings in this location. I don't have my clamp lamps with me else, this wouldn't be an issue. So, I've been fighting a cold and need to rest this weekend but couldn't NOT draw when I've got good light. I've also been wanting to draw a tricky expression along with a tricky subject (blondes) are tough to capture. I'm glad that I didn't go back to bed. I feel all sorts of awful right now, but, it's worth it to ignore that.

Also, I couldn't seem to locate any dark brown colored pencils and was tempted to hit the Art Store again. They were all hiding in a pencil case, so I need to play with the toys that I have and not go crazy getting new ones.

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  1. havent been on here in a while, but geez jody! your stuff always blows me away! i love it!