Saturday, November 5, 2011


Always like to put my own spin on LOTR characters. I did not do too good of a job of putting the correct face to the name with Merry and Pippen. Merry is the character at the top and Pippen at the bottom. DOH! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. i love lord of the rings.. and their characters. and the way you draw them is so cool. can you draw or have you drawn smegial too? lol

  2. These are so wonderful Pablo!!! I"m just glad we get to see them!!!

  3. Nice stuff! Love both the Pippen & Marry expressions.
    Now, does Frodo here have 9 or 10 fingers...?

  4. I think if that old Rankin-Bass version of "The Hobbit" had you as a character designer, I would've liked it a lot more!

    Great stuff!

  5. Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

    Manda: Smegial....hmmmm might just happen.

    Jody: Thank you ...your too kind.

    Paul: Thank you sir as always. hmmmmm good question. I think he'll have all his fingers for now. Ha!

    Tim: Ahhhh shucks...thanks Tim!