Monday, July 9, 2012

Alright, I ordered "The Lady Vanishes" from Netflix (a movie that I love love love and thin would be a fantastic idea for a remake) I love it the way it is and there kind of was a remake already (but not successful) I wondered why I had never drawn Alfred before. He does resemble a bulldog just a bit. 



  1. awesome! i love alfred hitchcock.. and you drew him great =) whats the remake ?

  2. The remake, (I think) was that movie with Jodie's the one where her daughter and her are on a plane. I forget the title, I wanted to see it but I love the Lady Vanishes so much that I did not want to sully the memory of the movie by seeing a commercialized version that hardly resembled it. Thank you for the compliment! When you watch it, you really pick up on alot of things. The casting is phenomenal, the movie itself does NOT have the padding that most movies do. I really loved the characters in it. I'm not sure if I got the one with the really optimized audio or not but....that was my one isssue was the audio wasn't the greatest (but I had a VHS and not a SUPER great VHS player.)

  3. The Jodie Foster remake of "The Lady Vanishes" is called "Flightplan" from 2005. It's a so-so film. Hitch's, however, is great, even for so early in his career. Yes, it's hard to find a version with decent sound, but then again, audio recording wasn't all that great in the 30s.

    Love how you've captured him here, Jody!