Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mid-Week Catch Up

I sent a little something to my niece who has lots of red curly fluffy hair, and decided to decorate the envelope. I put it in the mail today, so you are getting to see it before she does.
 I scanned it first, then photographed it after I addressed and stamped it.
I was going to use Pixar stamps, but they took up too much room.


  1. SO nice. Lucky Phoebe!
    Expressive line, color, composition, motion - really sweet, in any meanings of the word.
    I used to do this kinda thing all the time - hand-drawn cards, letters, decorated envelopes. Maybe I gotta take you lead and get back to it...

    1. Yeah, I think recipients enjoy it. At least I hope they do. (I've seen our mailman pausing to look at the envelopes & postcards as he picks up our mail.)

  2. Love that. That is beautiful. I still haven't seen the movie but already feel close to it from all of you :)