Sunday, September 16, 2012

20 years ago today...

These are some postcards I made to send my daughter at school. I sent Ringo off yesterday. The rest will get mailed one every couple of days.


  1. LOVE the Beatles and LOVE your caricatures! Different styles for different periods, the early Beatles evoking Hirschfeld. Boy, what you've pulled off here ain't easy - Ringo's nose may be outrageous in the early shot, but great subtlety is displayed in the treatments. The EYES have it in the Pepper/Netflix piece - you NAILED it!

  2. I used photo reference for these, but drawing Sgt. Pepper era Beatles, I couldn't help but be influenced by my memories of Yellow Submarine.

  3. I do love this. It's odd, I could have swore that I commented already. Oh well. I love the postcards!!!! So great!!