Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ridin' a Hitch...

Haven't watched any of his flicks the last week (I've seen so many of them so many times...) but here's another series of sketches of that great subject...

 ...including a couple more stabs from the same straight-on reference photo, unable yet to capture that fearful asymmetry I see in it. The other two aren't bad... All drawn directly with brush.

Many years ago, I drew a Hitchcock poster (1984) in another style altogether, as well as merging Hitch with Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen to pose as the narrator for a short comic story (1989).


  1. These are killer, Paul! (Pun intended).

  2. Thanks, Tim. I'm gonna keep trying my hand at that straight-on portrait, boil it down to its essence.