Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Nephew

A quick sketch I did for my nephew's birthday...

He got his hands on an old typewriter, has been cleaning it up, whipping it into shape so he can type his stories the old-fashioned way rather than on a computer. Charming, I find. The kid's a throwback!


  1. I love that, super cool! It's nice that you forever immortalized that coolness about him.

  2. He sez he's printing it out and will "keep it forever." Made me smile.

  3. What a great birthday card!

    I gave my daughter one of my antique typewriters when she was in middle school. She loves it. Now she's a senior in high school and we found some jewelry made from old typewriter keys on We got her her initial and a backspace key.

    And by the way... she's studying to become a writer.