Saturday, September 24, 2011

One for my baby and one for the road.

Instead of the martini and the cigar, I replaced it with a candy cane and a milkshake. Now that's a guy that I'd be interested in meeting,..not so much with the cigar smoke and hard liquor.


  1. Nice & moody, Jody. Evocative.

    That angle from behind reminds me of Cary Grant's (Devlin) intro in Hitchcock's Notorious. And the oft-used shot of Draper and logo of Madmen.

    Playful replacements! What about a pipe? The only smoke I don't mind. Whatchoo got against hard liquor? LOL!

  2. I would prefer a Twizzler with my milkshake. I don't like mint desserts. Feels like I'm eating toothpaste.

    Great drawing anyway!

  3. Haha, Paul! Yeah, I had found this ad and it doesn't really work for me. I think it's supposed to appeal to the menfolk with their brandy and their smoke creating devices. I wish I would have drawn this while sitting at my desk, sitting on the floor with a 40 watt bulb was not the best idea.
    Tim, you crack me up. I like peppermint a lot! I think you're on to something with the toothpaste comparison though, I'll be rethinking my next mint-anything.