Friday, September 23, 2011

From Barry Crain

Moleskine sketch for Friday. Trying to work out how a Golem would navigate a crappy medieval staircase...


  1. Wow! A spiral staircase and bird's eye view 3 point perspective. Dang, you do like a challenge, don't you!

    (and Jody, I see you tagged this as LOTR. Unless I miss my guess, this is a Golem, not Gollum. A Golem is a stone figure brought to life via sorcery. It's from middle Eurpoean mythology.)

  2. i love this... and the perspective is incredibly done!

  3. Shoot, my comment didn't show up. Thanks Tim for pointing that out. i removed the labels and feel like a big stupid head for getting that wrong. Oops. I think my brain gets ahead of me all the time.