Sunday, October 16, 2011

Excited and Happy

Pulled a couple of images from the numerous sketches I did yesterday. I would like to post the whole pgs. but sometimes there is just soooooo much messy and ruff stuff going on in them that I just pick certain ones to post. Might be cool just to post the page as a whole just to show what's going on in my mind. Good or bad drawings. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and thanks to everyone who stopped by and was nice to comment on my last week post.


  1. Very cool! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Lovely drawings!! I enjoy your work greatly! Thank you, Pablo!

  3. Pablo, really nice. Very direct and full of life. Thanks for sharing your work.

  4. Superb. Yes, a whole page would be great to see.

  5. Tim: Thank you. I'll be sure to post the rest soon.

    Jody: Ahhh shucks. Thank you.

    Amanda: Appreciate the nice comment. Your too kind. I'm glad you like the sketches.

    Joseph: Thank you Joseph. Always inspiring see your work and everyone's here. Such diverse styles.

    Paul: From one Paul to the next...thank you and yes a full page next time.