Sunday, October 30, 2011


Alright, one of my really good friends got married this weekend and I was helping out with the wedding and such. You understand time was scarce. I wanted to draw this picture as it was very apropos for the season. Girls screaming, looking seriously scared.
Why are they screaming?
They look seriously upset and terrified (kind of how I'd react if someone did something horrible and nightmarish in front of me.
 I'm curious what your thoughts are.

Are they seeing someone get shot right before their eyes?
Is something on fire?
Did someone tell that that Sephora was giving away free lip gloss?

Maybe we'll never know.

I actually do know the answer but I think someone just might guess it.


  1. Ohhh! Good guess! I like that one!

  2. David Archuletta lost American Idol.

  3. LOL! I love these both! I mean, they really do look like they seeing giant spiders crawling towards them!

  4. They are Brazillian young's screaming just at Justin Beiber....All he has to do is exist and they flip out. Good guess, Amanda!! I love the other comments.

  5. young' uns......stupid spell check