Saturday, December 3, 2011

Aloha, Brudda!

Did this late last night, so I suppose it can count for a Saturday Sketch.

It's a portrait of champion surfer and Olympic swimmer, Duke Kahanamoku. Painted in instant coffee. Would've been more appropriate if I had used Kona coffee, I suppose, but I had to use what was lying around.


  1. I like the drawing. Still don't like coffee. You're putting it to good use!

  2. Stop bashing coffee or I'll have to shake my fist at you and sneer slightly :)
    That should stop that......

    it's lovely, Tim!

  3. Coffee simply lies to me.
    It smells wonderful. It's aroma wraps around me like rich fur, promising sensory bliss. Then its acrid taste, akin to turpentine that has had a dead possum soaking in it for a week, leeches across my tongue like a plague of locusts. And I hear that diabolical cup of java laugh a distant laugh.

    But yeah, I like the smell.

  4. I just hurt myself laughing at your comment, Tim!!!!
    Oh wait, no, what I meant was "HOW DAAAARRRRE YOU????!??!?!??!"

  5. Me + Coffee = :)
    In face, I just might have to marry coffee......

  6. fact......stupid spell check,,,...FACT not face...