Saturday, December 10, 2011

Busy Week!

Even with a lot of deadlines this week, I found a little time to draw some for myself...

To be honest, the elephant drawings were done on Thursday, so they aren't truly a 'Saturday Sketch'. But I hope you like them anyway.


  1. I drew an elephant this weekend and was going to put it up but thought naaaah..that'd tims and you do it best.

  2. I welcome any and all elephants!

  3. All nice, Tim!
    My daughters and I just watched DUMBO again this last week, loving Pink Elephants on Parade as much as ever. Green Mermaid Elephant - a Disney mash-up!
    The Grinch is great, too. Love how you used the Netflix red for his suit and hat, painting over the rest, including the logo.

  4. These are great, Tim. The whole concept is wild.

  5. SO great! I kept trying to post a comment on my phone but it would not cooperate! I love these!!! LOVE!