Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Worked on this last Saturday after a long week of drawing lightsabers. The couch was calling out to me but I just needed to work on my own art for a while. This is a new technique which allows me to paint with charcoal. It started out great then half way through I lost the emotional impact I wanted and placed the board next to the trash can. 


Later in the evening I put it back on the drawing table and started noodling here and there having fun experimenting with the pigment and then this image slowly emerged. Learned a lot on this one. 


  1. Beautiful! I love that style! I'm glad (i'm sure everyone can agree) that you did not succumb to the couch!

  2. Indeed, the couch is my Kryptonite! Must not go near it's clutches! Must resist the power of the couch!!!

  3. Just great. Painting with charcoal?! Cool.