Saturday, February 4, 2012

POST #200!!!!


Here is my soon to be finished picture of Mark Twain and someone else (unidentified in the photograph from the Old Xerox that I took this from)


  1. Hey, everyone! We're up to 200 submissions!!!! Anyone else going to post today?

  2. Whoooo!! Hoooo! Congrats on being the 200th post on this fun blog Jody! I'm your first official 200th post comment. As for your drawing....Wow is all I can say. The toning is fabulous. The likeness is spot on. I've really enjoyed your work since you started this blog and look forward to the new year of watching more of your art.

  3. Thank you Pablo!!! It's great to hear from you! Thank you for the compliments and encouragement!! It is much needed. I love love LOVE your work and always enjoy seeing it. I've got the finished sketch to post now that I'm home!

  4. What a great #200! I'm glad the honor went to you, since you started this whole thing!
    Keep up the great work!