Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another T-Rex for Day 8

I wasn't even going to draw on this Netfilx envelope. I told myself to just take it to the mailbox...just take it to the mailbox! Then I saw a Sharpie.

It's not even a dinosaur movie. It's an old Cary Grant-Irene Dunne romantic comedy.


  1. well im glad you didnt listen! it looks awesome!

  2. Was it "My Favorite Wife?" I loved that movie, haven't seen it in awhile. I'd bet it's a different one. If you like Irene, "A Guy Named Joe" was one of my favorites. :) Nicely done. Ugh, sharpie fumes, though. I love the silhouette of the claw and the real one, nice talons (err....claws)

  3. Hey Jody. No, it was "The Awful Truth" which seemed to be a second rate remake of "My Favorite Wife" (which is one of our favorite Grant/Dunne films). It even used some of the same sets!
    Also, did you know that Spielberg remade "A Guy Named Joe" in the 80s as "Always" with Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss? It's worth a Netflix rental.

  4. Yes, I liked them both in so many different ways. Thanks for the warning about the Awful truth (well, to me it was a warning as I love my favorite wife) second time for such movies. I also loved "Here comes Mr Jordan" you can notice the same pool of actors in these movies.