Friday, March 16, 2012

Pablo Day 16

Well the last time I posted I had mentioned that the flu bug was starting to hit me. Well it hit me pretty bad. Hit me with the left and then the right and finally the knockout blow. That flu slapped me silly and called me Sally!! Well I'm finally well enough now to get back to posting for the month. So much great art has been posted since I've been MIA. Fantastic! Well here's a couple of sketches of some trees or something that looks kinda like a tree. HA!


  1. Glad you're feeling better, Pablo, and it's good to have you back - we missed you.

    As always, your sketches are so fluid and full of life, so loose and expressive. What fun! You should do this for a living or somethin'.

    Hey, what kinda pencils are you using here, and on what surface - layout or marker paper?

  2. Pablo!!!! Oh I'm so sorry you were under the weather. I really do sincerely hope that you got some time to watch some seriously idiotic TV while you were at it, it's good for the soul, so they say.

    I do love seeing your work. Were I Queen, I'd totally pay you to draw random things for me to see. Heck, I enjoy everyones work really. So WHEN I'm Queen, I'll have you draw with me. You've got some good supplies! I"m still working on my paper dilemma.

  3. So glad your feeling better! cant wait to see your posts, i love your stuff! those trees are so fun

  4. Incredible!
    Glad you're feeling better!

  5. Thanks everyone for the nice comments and yes glad to be back and in better health.

    Paul: Yes these were sketched out on 18lb animation paper from Chromacolour and the pencils for the first sketch was a Generals Layout Pencil and the 2nd sketch I used a Ebony pencil.