Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 15 - I missed a day :( Jo-D

I wanted to spend more time on this drawing. Alas, I am tired.....emotionally tired......I love that Will Ferrell is alive and super funny. I think he's influenced more of my behavior than I actually realize. It's waning, which is great. 


  1. He's got a face that makes you laugh.
    You do him a great justice here, Jody.

  2. Ha! Love Ferrell! The drawing is spot on Jody! Now if I can just have a little more cowbell. ( Hopefully you know or remember that SNL skit with Will did in regards to the cowbell)

  3. PABLO- "I've got a fever! and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL" and "Stick with me, you'll be wearing gold plated diapers"~ Legendary Bruce Dickensen
    Thanks everyone!!

    Tim-, I was thinking the *exact* same thing. I mean, you just look at the guy and you want to laugh . It must make funerals impossible for Will. Thank you, I had to struggle to find a picture where it LOOKED like WIll but wasn't mugging.

    Joe - Thank you, Joe!!!!! I did want to spend some more time on his face, as he is such a handsome devil.

    PAUL - I had to rematch that clip. I LOVE the delivery of that line. ONLY Will can pull that off (and the late Chris Farley)

  4. lol love will ferrill =) great job jody!