Sunday, March 25, 2012

George Segal!! - Day 25

Yeay! I finally get to draw one of the actors from "In Character!" George Segal is pretending to be a woman in labor. I love this book!


  1. this looks like a photograph.. i dont know how you do that! youre so good

  2. HA! Boy, that's great. It's better than a photograph! I'm glad that benevolent soul sent you this book. We all benefit!
    I've liked Segal since seeing him as a kid on the Tonight Show with Carson. He'd crack wise and play his banjo, do Schtick. Funny, talented guy.

    Hmm...glancing at this again, it can kinda look like a constipated Mitt Romney! LOL

  3. Thank you both! Paul, you're right, they do have the same hair and brows, I think ::) too funny