Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paul 3/3 Sketch 2

Character studies for Dad and Sid's sis, Imogen (Immy). This is more like it! I thought Immy would be more prim & proper, buttoned-down, towing the line for Mom, but I like her like this. Dress her just so/cleaned up, but her wild side still comes out - she can't help it.

I'm nowhere close on Mom's design.

Do you like Dad's first name? Of these three last names, what should I go with?


  1. I'd go with Simmons. Sim is too much like SIMS the game. Nice characterization! I can hear dad's voice already.

  2. Good call on Simmons. I was drawn to Sim cuzza Cerebus creator, Dave Sim.

  3. Haha. That little sister sketch is classic. Love the look. I also agree. Simmons works best for me. Goes better with his first name.